Introducing Sentendaido (The Heavenly Way) through the Kyudo Ceremony

Your Shortcut to Enlightenment

The Maitreya Buddha/Laughing Buddha grants everyone Great Joy. He is the tenth and last God of this era. With His blessings, the ancient Kyudo Ceremony will reconnect you with your True Self.

This awakened consciousness will bring about dynamic changes in your life, better focus, clarity in decision making and freedom from stress and fear. It will protect you in times of catastrophe.

The Kyudo is the golden key that will lead us to realise the Sentendado in ourselves. Sentendaido which means "Before Creation" is in everything and is the source of all religions. The Sentendaido in sages and saints has led them to create scriptures and preachings. Sentendaido governs all creation. To realise it is to realise True Self. 


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