Be Away from Suffering and Closer to Happiness

The troubles and worries we face in our daily lives result mostly from our disregard of the True Self.  Receiving Sentendado helps us to recognise the Sentendaido that has been dwelling in us and restores the beauty of the True Self so that our mind and actions are no longer controlled by earthly pleasures or swayed by material losses and gains. Dark forces cannot disturb us. Thus, we can alter our destiny and obtain real joy.   

Escape Disasters and Calamities

Sentendaido has been passed on through generations from master to master since the beginning of history. The thread of its passage weaves through ancient civilizations such as India. However, in recent centuries, human beings have been trapped by materialism and weak ethics. In less than one hundred years there have been two major world wars. The abuse of science and technology has destroyed the environment, causing damage to the ozone layer and unbalancing the climate. The corruption of human minds has caused natural disasters which are only multiplying.

God with his mercy has made Sentendaido available to all in order to save good people. We can use the Three Treasures whenever something dangerous happens to us. We will be able to escape disasters.



Transcend Life and Death

In ancient times, Sentendaido could only be received through harsh self-cultivation, but in this century, Sentendaido is transmitted through authorized masters to truth seekers. The Master points out the main gate of Life and Death, the Gate of Atman, thus guaranteeing enlightenment provided effort is made to practise. Life is no longer a journey dedicated to pleasure seeking, but to the fulfillment of human purpose - self realisation.  Death is no longer to dreaded. It is the return of the soul to our eternal and peaceful home.

Become a Living Buddha

If one comprehends the effects and omnipotence of Sentendaido and can practise accordingly and with persistence, one can communicate with and be united with God. Through Kyudo one is reunited with one's divine nature from which one is separated by taking birth into this world of duality.

Therefore, it is not after death that one becomes a buddha, but in life. To be a buddha is to revive and hold on to one;s divine and original nature. The Kyudo offers us the shortcut to enlightenment.



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