More About Sentendaido

The True Self is imperishable and brilliant. The "false self" is the transient physical body along with its experience of duality which is an illusion.  By recognising the difference between the True Self and the false self we understand the importance of receiving Sentendaido. Luckily, we are given this opportunity and can discover the Three Treasures which are both simple and profound. The meaning and details of these are illustrated through the rite of Sentendaido - the Kyudo Ceremony.

When we receive Sentendaido, our True Self is pointed out to us. Those who cannot recognise the True Self are merely walking corpses, governed by the sensual demands of the false self. Our conscience is identified and enlightened by receiving Sentendaido. Thus, the body works in harmony with the spirit, making our lives joyous and meaningful.    

Through Sentendaido, the "main gate" of the body is opened so the soul can go directly to heaven. When the body is aged and the soul has to leave, imagine its horror if it cannot leave through the correct exit. This is the pain and discomfort human beings experience at the advent of death and after death.

Sentendaido is the way to return to our divine origin. The enlightenment of Sentendaido is superior to studying thousands of sutras because it is the source of all sutras.

The opening of our "main gate" guarantees our escape from the cycle of rebirth.



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