Sentendaido - The Heavenly Way

When we observe the cosmos and all living beings, we find the existence of the laws of nature. The supernatural origin which guides the laws of nature as well as all the operations of the universe is called "SENTEN- DAIDO."

Senten-Daido existed before primordial time and even before the universe came into being. It nurtures all creatures. Since it is unchangeable and does not evolve with time, it is the ultimate truth. It is the what saints and sages throughout history have been searching for. Sentendaido is within us.

Although present universally, Sentendaido is difficult to understand. This is why prophets and preachers have been trying to help us grasp the origin and truth of life through various teachings and literature since the beginning of civilisation.   

Great commandments were taught to disciples and good and bad were differentiated. These teachings varied, based on differences in culture, timing and the level of each individual's comprehension.

However, they all tried to express the creator of the universe - God or Sentendaido.

Sentendaido is the headwaters of all religions. It embraces the essence of all preachings and teachings. And yet it is superior to the system of belief. It is the source of all the scriptures, sutras and dharmas. It is the divine self.

Understanding Sentendaido enables us not only to discover the source of all religious belief, but also to communicate with the origin and power of nature.

Sentendado is within and around us. We all possess it. It needs not be worshipped or debated over because its existence is unconditional, regardless of race, color, nationality, religion or status. 

To practise Sentendaido is to revive one's own conscience as well as everyone else's and to act upon it accordingly. Then all people can be of one spirit, all nations can be like one peaceful family, and the Great Harmony will manifest itself. How precious is Sentendaido!


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